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WWE Smackdown To be Broadcasted Live In US

WWE had come up with a new way to make it fans feel more excited and addicited to the WWE. Now Smackdown will be Lived Airs every week. Yes, you read write WWE had moved Smackdown to be aired live on the Televsion. In January NBCUNiversal Owned Outlet is moved from Sister which will now Broadcast the Smackdown live for ever 2 Hours a week From Tuesday July 29 at 8:00 Pm to 10:00 Pm which make Smackdown live for 5 hours a week.

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Chis Mc Cumber the president of Entertainment Network of NBCUniversal said that After the news went in to the market it made WWE Fans Excited all over the world. This had made them thrilled as now there Favourite Smackdown is in the Live Version which will be new feeling and way to enjoy wrestling.

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These type of changes lead to creating a new level of desire to watch Tv networks as the content which are aired lived creates more awareness and excitement among fans. A now no waiting for weeks or taking video on demands. NBC and Fox had tuned many events which went very successfully like the Olympics or the NCCA men’s Basketball Championship.

The Benifits is for the both side for viewers they can have the event live on the television set and for broadcasters they will get highly paid for premium advertisement which appears to be a beneficially deal. NBC do live events like a weekly show of Neil Patrick Harris and some Musical numbers.

The Raw will be also Aired live for 3 hours on Monday and Smackdown for 2 resulting in 5 hours of live WWE each week for the next 52 Weeks.

The biggest attraction right now for WWE is the return of the best start fighters John Cena and Seth Rollins who had now be releaved from injuries and will be live this Monday in Smackdown. The Broadcasters are expecting that there will be a great response then the other USA live programs. As Monday Night Raw is one of the most awaiting Program of WWE. A draft will be done for Smackdown to make the proper setting of the live show with featured seperate cast and writing teams.

NBCU and WWE were old partners who renewed there deal in 2014 to make the show for aired live and due to there past successful bonding they had able to make Smackdown live in 2015 in hopes for matural benefits from advertisers. According to a survey a Smackdown average capture 1.06 million views and a Raw results in 1.85 million of the age group of 18 and 49.

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