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WWE Smackdown Results, Spoilers for 26 May 2016

World Wrestling Entertainment Popularly Known as WWE Which deals in Professional Wrestling Which act as a major Source for Films, Music industries. As of Now it is the largest Wrestling Promotion which is Possessioning more than 300 Events in the year.


WWE SmackDown Spoilers For 26 May 2016

  • The Smack Down Started With Michael Cole Who enters the Ring with a black Leather Breifcase Which is usually used for the banking related works. He started Discussing about the Smackdown Harsh Rules.He had a Vistor named Dean Ambrose Who started dicussing about how he Finished Chris Jericho. On the other hand Kevin Owens break in and insisted Michael Cole to get out of the ring. Owens Showed off that he used to win money in his bank account which is being supported by Sami Zayn. Alberto Del Rio Went out and start announcing that he will become the 2nd time MITB winner. Sudddenly a clash breaks down between Ambrose Sami and Owens.
  • Zack Ryder was smatched by Alberto in MITB Qualifyer. Del Ron got the victory in the match with Cross Armbeaker.
  • Suddenly Big Cass & Enzo Amore popup and the start breaking Promo which is being disturbed by Dudley. Enxo Amore challenged to smash both like trash.
  • A interview was taking place back stage of Rusev and LAna He assured in his inteview that today is victory written for him.
  • World Wresteling Entertainment Champion Rusev hold on kalisto with honor in a good back and 4th match. When the match got over Titus O’Neul hits the Ring for resue Kalisto he also dare Rusev that he will be no part of this title anymore.
  • Some of the matches like Natalya and Dana Brooke were end in lest the a minute. Womens Championship Charlotte A lot of intruptions were made between nu natalya.In doubles Dana and Charlotte teamed up.
  • Aj Styles Was intervied backstage he made is a simple clear answer that he dont know any thing and moved ahead.
  • Seth Rollins cherished his great back to the smackdown and he questioned his fans wheather they missed him or not and boos startup and walked away after 2 min Segment.
  • Miz won the Crushing Skill Finale which was said to be the excellent event and Miz and Meryse Cherised the moment.

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