Czechs snatch a point with late goal against Croatia- In group D match of Euro Cup 2016, Czech Republic’s Tomas Necid scored late goal and thus with snatching a point, they succeeded in tying the match as the struggle ended with 2-2 score. Match against Croatia was fortunately drawn by the Czech Republic’s lately timed efforts.

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Czechs snatch a point with late goal against Croatia
Czechs snatch a point with late goal against Croatia

Croatians opened up their aggression over the foes from very first minute and hit their first goal in 37th minute. Their itinerary was successfully leading the opponents with healthy 2-0 lead. But, 14 minutes before the end of the match, Czechs managed to react to the instigation.

The match was held up for a number of minutes in the closing stages after several flares were thrown onto the pitch by Croatia’s fans. The Croats top the group on four points with the Czechs in third with one, while second-placed Spain and bottom side Turkey meet later on Friday.

With the commencement of game, fans reacted with severe temper and threw flares on the ground which hindered the game for some time. Poor performance by the Croatia at terminating point of the match irked audience gathering and hence the repercussion.

Bloom from the mobs crowded in stadium obligated the ongoing match to halt for a while and after the removal of all flares hurled by those people, the confrontation ended with 2-2 score which disappointed the Croatian fans.