Roger Federer to confront 18 year old Taylor FritzAmerican teenager Taylor Fritz will face Roger Federer after defeating his first round contender. This will be the first fight for Roger after revamping from his back pain which he was bruised with few months back. Fritz’s second round in Stuttgart will be quite memorial for him as he’ll be playing against his ideal Tennis star.

Roger Federer to confront 18 year old Taylor Fritz
Roger Federer to confront 18 year old Taylor Fritz

When asked how he is feeling to meet his ideal Tennis player in the next round, the 18 year old opined that he was not having any pressure of taking this battle. He told that he was happy to see him on the platform where he was going to indulge in the tougher and challenging struggle against legendary sportsman.
As the expert player is returning after a long gap span of more than a month, there’s a golden chance for the little boy to surmount the legend easily. Fritz hasn’t thought in his life that he would compete with one of the best Tennis player of the world. He said that he would like to enter the green grass court with this illustrious player.

Back pain injury, because of which Roger had to stay away from the championship matches, has been near about recovered now. His first match will be with this crazy small aged boy who had once admired him when he had watched him at the age of 11. Excitement of the audience too are at peak to see their favorite smasher returning in the contention.