Nadal to compete at Rio Olympics 2016- Rafael Nadal will be seen competing in Rio Olympics 2016. The 14 times grand slam champion was hospitalized on 27th May and underwent the treatment for more than a month. Doctors now have confirmed that he can play the game and is fit for taking the competitions.

Angel Ruiz-Cotorro, a doctor at the Spanish Tennis Federation told that they are working hard to make the player credible for confronting at international level. They’ve confided the sportsman that he will maintain his consistency in the coming Rio Olympic challenge.

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal

Illustrious Spanish tennis player is recuperating from a left wrist injury and is on the track to compete at the Olympics in Rio. His mentors and trainers too trust his great come back in the universal contentions and they believe that he will definitely clinch the best.

Doctor said,”He is showing signs of recovery and will soon be completely fit. His injury has declined and is will be recovered very soon. He is strengthening the wrist and that is the most complicated aspect and where we have to be more careful.”

Nadal didn’t make any comment about the game, but his care takers assured that he can play in the coming Olympic games and perform well in every battle. Nadal is eager to compete in Rio after missing the 2012 Games in London due to a knee injury.