Euro Cup 2016 Semi-Finals: Portugal beats Wales 2-0 ; Goals from Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani- Portugal Made there winning against Wales in the Euro Cup 2016 Semi Finals and secured there place in finals. With 2 seconds half goals which were kicked by Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani which made the score 2-0 to let them win. This time also Cristiano Ronaldo proves that he is a cardinal pillar of the team and the teams needs him. Portugal Coach Fernando Santos gave a big thanks to his team members after all the had made a big win. The final will of Euro Cup 2016 will be played on Wednesday.


The Rival is not yet decided as a match is remained between Germany vs France which will take place on Sunday which will clear the winner name.The match was pretty difficult as they faced a great break down. Sanots told the reporter that at some points wales must mentioned that Portugal had the merit of dismantling the rivals.

Portugal who had not loosed any competitive matches since they got a lucky coach santos who joined them back in 2014. Santos previously coached Greece in Euro cup 2012.Santos said that there time is not the best in the world but they are not the easy rivals to beat and he is very happy with his team mentioned his team as an excellent team.