Manchester United vs Manchester City match Canceled- The match between Premier League rivals Manchester City Vs Manchester United Which was Scheduled for 25th July on 12:30 pm at Beijing National Stadium which was Cancelled due to bad weather which made the surface of ground bad and unfit for the match. As the Organizers were concerned about the players safety due to bad surface they can have some sort of injury. The match will not be re-scheduled while United Boss Mourinho and City manager Guardiola rivals was the first time in almost 3 years when these clubs were having friendly fixtures at Beijing. But all were spoiled due to heavy rainfall.

Manchester United vs Manchester City
Manchester United vs Manchester City


The teams had faced of each other in past about 170 times since 1891 out of which 49 games were won by Manchester City while 70 were won by Manchester United. Both the teams are best on there part if the match would have taken place there would be 50-50 chances for both the teams the match would be interesting to watch.The Beijing National Stadium Which is popularly known as Bird’s Nest Which was designed for 2008 Olympics With an Sitting capacity of 80,000 people.