Guarani vs Mogi Mirim Serie C Live Streaming | TV Telecast | Highlights- The third tier of the Brazilian football league is the Campeonato Brasileiro Série C. It is in it’s 17th week and the Guarani vs Mogi Mirim clash is set to take place on Tuesday 13th September. The match will start at 3:45am IST and is going to be played at Sao Paolo.

Guarani vs Mogi Mirim
Guarani vs Mogi Mirim

Guarani vs Mogi Mirim Head to Head and Prediction: 

Gurani has played 16 matches out of which, it has won 10 and lost only 2, while the other three ended in a draw.

Mogi Mirim has played a total of 16 matches, out of which it has won 5 and lost 4 while around 7 matches ended in a draw.

Mogi Mirim and Guarani have played 11 matches so far against each other. While 5 of them ended in a draw, Mogi Mirim has won 4 and Guarani has won only 2 matches.

Thus, Mogi Mirim seems more likely to win this match.

Guarani vs Mogi Mirim Live Streaming – September 12

Guarani vs Mogi Mirim Live Streaming- The Live streaming of this match would be done on a number of websites. A website called would be streaming the match live free of cost although viewers have to be registered with However some restrictions due to intellectual property rights may prove to be a hindrance. The live streaming would start as soon as the match starts.

Guarani vs Mogi Mirim TV Telecast – Serie C 

Guarani vs Mogi Mirim TV Telecast- No TV channel has claimed the rights to telecast the match in Asia nor is any official announcement made regarding this. Currently, as such no TV channel is set to broadcast the match live.

Guarani vs Mogi Mirim Highlights

Guarani vs Mogi Mirim Highlights- On a website called one can find the highlights of the match and also the live streaming. On this website too, the viewers have to be registered with