Arsenal Transfer News : Gunners signing Jamie Vardy for £20m- Gunners have signed Jamie Vardy for £ 20m and the legend has been transferred from Arsenal. Jamie, successfully brought up the title for Liecester. 24 goals throughout the confrontational series of football matches had made it clear that this guy is gonna lift the tag of champions. But the news about him has flabbergasted the people lying in his fan cloud. Let’s see what magical trick he’s about to implement on the ground.

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Arsenal Transfer News : Gunners signing Jamie Vardy for £20m
Arsenal Transfer News : Gunners signing Jamie Vardy for £20m

Jamie Vardy wants to join Arsenal, says Olivier Giroud

Meanwhile, Olivier Giroud uttered his expressive feelings about Jamie that Vardy wanted to join them. Stormy English striker will be a powerful tool for the team in Euro 2016 global competition. The Football Player of the Year has been believed to repeat the same what he rendered in his 2015-2016 football tenure. Predictions about his cresting performances are healthily concluding with a positive faith in his credibility.

Arsenal Fans prepare for Jamie Vardy transfer rejection humiliation

Arsenal Fans are quite upset of on the unexpected transfer. Affluent fan cloud can strike hard or emerge out with an agitation opposing the humiliation. But the things from selectors are clear and they’ve openly admitted about their firm decisions which have become the topic of gossip recently bouncing around the public figure. Giroud opened up his desires that he’s pleased to see him to Arsenal side and will carry out his role with the same brilliance he has exhibited in the past year.