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Argentina forward Lionel Messi retires from international football

Argentina forward Lionel Messi retires from international footballAfter facing flouting defeat against Chileans in Copa America 2016 finals, the legendary football player from Argentina has declared his retirement from the international football sport. Many of his fans expressed sorrow over this sudden decision by the legend as the people loving to watch the talent of this active footballer will miss the performances of him which he would have entertained in future.

Lionel Messi retires from international football

Lionel Messi retires from international football

Derogatory defeat in the final battle of Copa America 2016 might have made the entire Argentina upset because though their team included one of the best players across the globe, they failed to curb the title and Messi might have felt himself responsible for the loss. But the whole team efforts were at the peak throughout the game and nobody took the contention lightly.

Lionel got hurt when his teammates missed the golden opportunity of defending opponents from making goals. All four penalty hits were converted into goals by the Chileans as Argentina leading goal keeper didn’t manage to stop the ball from entering into goal post. On other hand, kicker too failed to score goals on third and fourth chance, otherwise they would have tied the match.

This failure snatched debellation from evergreen team Argentina and the slackened fielding and attack by them obliged the opposite team surmount the game. Nervous Messi, who has been the consistent performer in this competition felt very bad for the defeat which could have eluded and converted into royal and stylish romp.

It was most emotional moment for the football fans when they got struck with the news of Messi’s retirement. Everybody had his/her eyes filled with tears and expressed their negation for the decision, but the legend has stiffly confirmed to say good bye to his football career on Monday and has saddened the major chunk watching the game of football to see his talent on the field.

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