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TV Umpire to call front foot no ball in ENG vs PAK ODI series

TV Umpire to call front foot no ball in ENG vs PAK ODI seriesIndian Cricket Council(ICC) has stated that a trial will be conducted to understand in depth whether the third umpire is in a position to use quick replays to call front foot no balls more efficiently and accurately in International cricket.

The upcoming Five-match One-day International series to be played between England and Pakistan will experience these trials between 24 August to 4 September during the matches itself.

The following invention by ICC will enable the third umpire to decide the front foot no balls and communicate the same judgments to the on-field umpire very instantly as soon as the ball will be delivered.This will not only enable the quick passing of judgments but also the smooth functioning of the game.Unless and until the side-on cameras are not available the on field umpire is not allowed to call front foot no balls without the third umpire’s order.

TV Umpire to call front foot no ball in ENG vs PAK ODI series

TV Umpire to call front foot no ball in ENG vs PAK ODI series

The four dedicated side-on run out cameras which are the included in the broadcast coverage will be kept available for the TV Umpire.The slow motion replay of the required part would be kept moving and the umpire can rewind and forward the part which he wishes to judge upon with the simple toggle-wheel provided.These functions would be available for the Umpire on split screen feed.

The ‘pager’ watches would be on the wrists of the on-field umpire.As soon as the front foot no ball is announced by the TV umpire, the watch will vibrate.If through some error the watch doesn’t give the proper or no signal the TV Umpire will give a normal verbal signal to the third umpire.

ICC Senior Manager – Umpires and Referees, Adrian Griffith, exclaimed that “This trial is being carried out to ascertain if there is a way in which front foot No balls can be called more accurately and consistently, while also assessing the TV umpire’s workload and identifying the impact it will have on the flow of the game.While we need to find out if the technology set-up for this purpose is fit, at the same time we feel this is the right time to conduct the trial as the TV umpires will have more information than ever before to share with the on-field umpires, which, in turn, will help them in correct decision-making.To ensure that the match officials are thoroughly briefed and trained for this trial, the ICC will conduct training sessions with the umpires and match referee in Southampton on Monday and Tuesday. The results of this technology trial will be shared with the ICC Cricket Committee, which will advise the ICC on future action.”he completes.

Updated: August 23, 2016 — 12:19 pm

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