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‘All time great’ Muhammad Ali dies at age of 74

Muhammad Ali The Legend of Heavy Weight Championship: The Best Known Sportsmen, Boxing Champion Ali Muhammad Died this Thursday at US City of Phoenix, Arizona. According to the reports he was suffering from Respiratory illness a which was made more problematic by Parkinson’s Disease.The Funeral was kept in his hometown Louisville Kentucky. Ali made his fame and name by Winning in 1960’s Rome Olympics Light Heavy Weight Gold.He retired in 1981 after winning 56/16 fights.He was Awarded with The Sportsman of the Century by Sports Authority.After winning the Rome Olympics ranked himself in Heavyweight Ranks. Ali won his first Heavy Weight title at the age of 22. Even after getting ill Ali didnt stopped politics or controversy. When Donald Trump Raised voice  for banning Muslims coming to US Ali said that all Muslims have to Stand up to Those eho use Islam for Personal Agenda.

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Muhammad Ali History

Ali Was born in a middle class family in january 17 1942 and Started his boxing at the age of 12.As far as Ali started ranking high Ali acted against American racism. Ali Founded Guidance from American Muslim Sect which was inspired by Malcom X. after following year of Heavyweight Champion Ali got chance to fight against Liston which made him known all over the world by winning the fight with Sonny Liston. Ali real name was Cassius Clay which he changed to Muhammad Ali. Last Words by Ali

“I’m in no pain,” he told The New York Times. “A slight slurring of my speech, a little tremor. Nothing critical. If I was in perfect health — if I had won my last two fights — if I had no problem, people would be afraid of me. Now they feel sorry for me. They thought I was Superman. Now they can go,

Muhammad Ali Achievements

  • Won Olympic light-heavyweight gold in 1960
  • Turned professional that year and was world heavyweight champion from 1964 to 1967, 1974 to 1978 and 1978 to 1979
  • Had 61 professional bouts, winning 56 (37 knockouts, 19 decisions), and losing five (4 decisions, 1 retirement)
  • Ali was honoured with Medal of Freedom by George W. Bush in 2005

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